ACROPAD Home Edition - Track

Our AcroPAD Home Edition Kit - Air Track is GREAT for home training. It fits in a bedroom, living room, or garden! Great fun for friends to train together or to fit in a quick training session before school or home work! Want to work on the corrections you’ve been given in class?! Our AcroPAD Home Kit - Air Track is great way to keep improving every single day. Your friends will be wondering how you are improving so quickly! 

Air Track Can be Used for

  • Acro, Tricks, Breaking, Ballet Conditioning, Jazz, Contemporary, Flexibility, and much more

  • Rise - both single and double footed - strengthens ankles and engages core

  • Relevé - both single and double footed - strengthens ankles and engages core

  • Pirouette Prep (Jazz 4th/5th or 4th Position in Ballet) - strengthens ankles, arm positions and engages the core to simulate muscle engagement for a pirouette

  • Split Leaps - engages core, creates more height to allow the student to use the whole foot for elevation and more time in the air to execute the final position

  • Box jumps (both traveling and on the spot) - as above

  • Knee drops - softer landing while learning the correct form

  • Forward and Backwards Walk Overs, Hand Springs, Flicks, Ariels, and any other Acro tricks

  • Leaping or Jumping Combinations - providing a soft and safe surface to develop acro based choreography as a solo or group performance

  • Over Splits while using the AcroPAD Blocks additionally

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation


Dimensions Available

APHE3101 - 3m x 1m x 10cm

AcroPAD Home Edition - Tracks are perfectly flat. They have a firm and supported feel and firmness that can be controlled by the amount of aim used to inflate each item.

 All AcroPAD Home Edition - Air Tracks come complete with:

- One Hand Pump for Inflating and Deflating
- One Repair Kit
- One Carry Bag

AcroPAD is portable and deflates down to 1:8th of its inflated size. Easily placed into the back of a car, small cupboard.

Inflation time with electric pump: 1:30 seconds to 3 minutes!

All AcroPAD product comes with a Full 2 Year Manufactures Warranty covering valves and seams.

All products have a 25 point check before being delivered and are subject to a 15+ inflation test.

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