ACROPAD GENeral information

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AcroPAD offers three variations on depth 10cm - 20cm - 30cm.
The 30cm available on request for most of the products!

What is the difference in the depths?

The deeper the thickness the more elevation can be created and this can also allow you to make the landing slightly softer. Increased thickness will allow for more lift and bounce, while the 10cm thickness will create a more floor like feel and more natural transition to the studio floor or stage.

Our recommendation for your dance school would be 10cm & 20cm depths to allow the transition to be smoother to the hard floor or stage. If you have specific dimensions you are looking for please contact us directly! Sizes available from 1 meter to 20 meters.

All AcroPAD Floors, Tracks and Home Edition Kits come complete with:

-      One Electric Pump for Inflating and Deflating
-      One Repair Kit
-      One Carry bag

AcroPAD Floors and Tracks are perfectly flat. They have a firm and supported feel and firmness can be controlled by the amount of aim used to inflate each item.

All AcroPAD Floors and Tracks inflate using an electric pump and take 30 seconds to 7 minutes to inflate depending on the product.

AcroPAD is portable and deflates down to 1:8th of its inflated size. Easily placed into the back of a car, small cupboard etc. 6m x 4m x 10cm deflated will be 120cm x 50cm x 40cm.

All AcroPAD product comes with a Full 2 Year Manufactures Warranty covering valves and seams

All products have a 25 point check before being delivered and are subject to a 15+ inflation test.