• What is the currency you use?
    We work in British Pound, US Dollars, Euros, AUS Dollars and CAD Dollars.

  • Is it possible to print anything on the products?
    AcroPAD is more than just an air track, it’s a brand. We can take requests for logos to be printed alongside our branding. There is however an additional cost for this.

  • What colors are there?
    Your AcroPAD comes with our signature gray, black, and orange coloring.

  • When is the estimated time of arrival?
    It takes approx. 6-8 weeks for shipment from the factory!

  • What is your payment terms?
    We invoice you as soon as you place an order! As soon as you have paid half of your total amount due for the product, we place the order with the factory. When it is due to arrive soon, we request the other half of the invoice before we ship it directly to you!

  • What is covered in the pricing?
    For all UK orders, the shipping, delivery, duty and vat are all included in your price! For international shipments you just cover local taxes (sales tax) and a small shipping fee.

  • Are you the manufacturer of the AcroPAD?
    Our AcroPADs are made of top quality, strength materials, and must pass a strict quality control that we guarantee! They are also hand made by industry specialists.

  • What type of material are AcroPADs made from?
    We use the best quality material for AcroPAD, called double wall fabric, which consists of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting the two layers (80.000 per M2!)

  • What's the differences between the depths?
    We currently offer 3 different depths - 30cm/20cm/10cm. The deeper the equipment the more bounce and height can be achieved. The key here is to get a balance between support and transition to the stage or hard floor.

  • What guarantees are there?
    All of our product comes with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty and free repair kits.

  • What does a 2 Year Warranty cover?
    Our warranty covers manufacturer defects, non-manmade damage to all parts which includes seams and valves. Problems rarely occur by the normal use. But when there's accidental damage or leaking by longtime use, the repair usually takes no longer than 10 minutes with the help of a repair kit and a video we provide you with. 

  • Are you looking for a brand ambassador? 
    We are not taking submissions at this time, but please watch this space, and check out Serena McCall our current brand ambassador!

  • How do I purchase the product?
    Please go to ORDER PRODUCT and fill out the form to start the ordering process. We also prefer the personal touch of a phone call or email to ensure you are getting the best product & best possible service, so give one of us a ring!

  • How do I sign up for a workshop?
    Please go to WORKSHOPS and fill out the form to submit a workshop request!

  • What does the workshop entail?
    It is a 2-hour (or more!) workshop in the location of your choice. We ensure a fully structured, fun, and safe workshop for all ages and abilities. We provide: full AcroPAD equipment set up, trained professional tutor, marketing support, unlimited number of students (conditions apply), a promo flyer for social media and more! We range in classes from beginner to master classes to specialist classes for certain moves or tricks you need to master! We also have a full list of Workshop Intensives where the class can focus on one or more specific moves. Head over to WORKSHOPS to read more!

  • Do you do workshops anywhere other than the UK?
    Yes, anywhere in the world! Just let us know and we can plan to come to wherever you are!

  • What can AcroPAD be used for?
    Acro, tricks, Breaking, Ballet conditioning, Jazz, Contemporary, flexibility and much more!

    Rise - both single and double footed - strengthens ankles and engages core

    Relevé - both single and double footed - strengthens ankles and engages core

    Pirouette prep (Jazz 4th/5th or 4th Position in Ballet) - strengthens ankles, arm positions and engages the core to simulate muscle engagement for a pirouette

    Split leaps - engages core, creates more height to allow the student to use the whole foot for elevation and more time in the air to execute the final position

    Box jumps (both traveling and on the spot) - as above

    Knee drops - softer landing while learning correct form

    Forward and backwards walk overs, hand springs, flicks, ariels and any other acro tricks you can think of!

    Leaping or jumping combinations - providing a soft and safe surface to develop acro based choreography as a solo or group performance

    Over splits using the AcroPAD blocks

    Injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • What else do you offer?
    We offer teacher training, product hire, and parties, and more just ask us! Have an idea for us with AcroPAD? Just drop us a line!

  • Why is AcroPAD better than other air tracks?
    We are a personal brand, and not just a mass producer! Since AcroPAD is all about quality, we make our product from the highest grade material available, which is made by professionals that understand how to work with this material effectively.

    AcroPAD is a brand. When you are buying AcroPAD you receive a lot more than just a product. Marketing support, video content, access to our content, exclusive offers and programs. You become and Official AcroPAD Centre!

    To find our more, please go to CONTACT US and a member of our team with be in touch with you!