AcroPAD Air Rollers are a great add to teachers. They allow you to support and correct students with their technique without worry of the student falling. 

roller can be used for

Forwards Handsprings, Backwards Handsprings, Back Flicks, Forward Walk Overs, Backwards Walk Overs, Handstand to Bridge and more!

  • Acro, Tricks, Breaking, Ballet Conditioning, Jazz, Contemporary, Flexibility, and much more

  • Split Leaps - engages core, creates more height to allow the student to use the whole foot for elevation and more time in the air to execute the final position

  • Forward and Backwards Walk Overs, Hand Springs, Flicks, Ariels, and any other Acro tricks

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

AcroPAD is portable and deflates down to 1:8th of its inflated size. Easily placed into the back of a car, small cupboard.

Inflation time with electric pump: 1:30 seconds to 3 minutes!

All AcroPAD product comes with a Full 2 Year Manufactures Warranty covering valves and seams.

All products have a 25 point check before being delivered and are subject to a 15+ inflation test.

Roller Pic.png

Dimensions Available

APHER106 - 1m x 60cm
APHER1075 - 1m x 75cm
APHER1090 - 1m x 90cm

Product does not come with electric pump or carry bag. Hand pump included only.
Inflation time with electric pump: 12secs
Inflation time with hand pump: 1:30secs