AcroPAD Air Floor



Our AcroPAD Air Floors are perfect for beginners to advanced students. They allow the student to create additional height to correct technique and or achieve new skills. The harder the student jumps on the AcroPAD Air Floor the greater the height they will achieve. Due to the larger footprint of the floor this allows more students to be training on the product at one time. You will have the benefits of a track as well as having space to choreograph a group of students that are all safe and supported.

AcroPAD Air Floors are used for Tumbling, Acro, and travelling steps. Multiple students are able to train on the Air Floor at one time due to footprint size of the floor.

About Air Floors

AcroPAD Air Floors are perfectly flat. They have a firm and supported feel and firmness that can be controlled by the amount of aim used to inflate each item.

 All AcroPAD Air Floors come complete with:

- One Electric Pump for Inflating and Deflating
- One Repair Kit
- One Carry Bag

AcroPAD is portable and deflates down to 1:8th of its inflated size. Easily placed into the back of a car, small cupboard. Inflation time with electric pump: 1:30 seconds to 3 minutes! All AcroPAD product comes with a Full 2 Year Manufactures Warranty covering valves and seams. All products have a 25 point check before being delivered and are subject to a 15+ inflation test.

SIZES (10cm-30cm):
APF4401 4m x 4m x 10cm
APF4402 4m x 4m x 20cm
APF4403 4m x 4m x 30cm
APF5201 5m x 2m x 10cm
APF6401 6m x 4m x 10cm
APF6402 6m x 4m x 20cm
APF6403 6m x 4m x 30cm
APF6601 6m x 6m x 10cm
APF6602 6m x 6m x 20cm
APF6603 6m x 6m x 30cm
APF7401 7m x 4m x 10cm
APF8401 8m x 4m x 10cm
APF8402 8m x 4m x 20cm
APF8601 8m x 6m x 10cm
APF8602 8m x 6m x 20cm
APF8603 8m x 6m x 30cm
APF8801 8m x 8m x 10cm
APF8802 8m x 8m x 20cm
APF8803 8m x 8m x 30cm
APF10801 10m x 8m x 10cm
APF10802 10m x 8m x 20cm
APF10803 10m x 8m x 30cm
APF101001 10m x 10m x 10cm
APF101002 10m x 10m x 20cm
APF101003 10m x 10m x 30cm


Acro, Tricks, Breaking, Ballet Conditioning, Jazz, Contemporary, Flexibility, and much more!

  • Rise - both single & double footed, strengthens ankles & engages core

  • Relevé - both single & double footed, strengthens ankles & engages core

  • Pirouette Prep (Jazz 4th/5th or 4th Position in Ballet) - strengthens ankles, arm positions & engages the core to simulate muscle engagement for a pirouette

  • Split Leaps - engages core, creates more height to allow the student to use the whole foot for elevation and more time in the air to execute the final position

  • Box jumps (both traveling and on the spot) - as above

  • Knee drops - softer landing while learning the correct form

  • Forward and Backwards Walk Overs, Hand Springs, Flicks, Ariels, and any other Acro tricks

  • Leaping or Jumping Combinations - providing a soft and safe surface to develop acro based choreography as a solo or group performance

  • Over Splits while using the AcroPAD Blocks additionally

  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation